Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 and Jen

I went to work at 6am and started to help get patients on their dialysis machines. It was always important to get the first shift on quickly so our 13 hour day might go quicker and therefore leave early. That was always the plan and sometimes it worked.

6:46 am and I thought why would someone fly their plane into a building? Stupid. Then another plane... what is going on??

As news broke  that American Airlines flight 11 from Logan had been hijacked... Oh Lord... Jen was on that flight.

Jen is my sister. She worked for American Airlines as a flight attendant out of Logan in Boston. The plan was for her to get on flight 11 and come home for a visit and see her family and boyfriend, now husband.

First thing... stop and call mom...... "Jen missed the flight" she said crying "she wanted to take a shower and shave her legs at the last minute and missed her flight by 10 min"

Prayer circles filled with fear and blessings in the break room...... what was going to happen to our country.. our future?

It took Jen a week to get home. She does not talk about it much. She lost close friends on both those flights.

Every September 11th for me is not only a reminder of that tragic day and how many were lost.........but also of who was saved.

I love Jen


  1. I loved reading a happy-ending story today. I am glad that even with all the sadness that this day brings there are many reasons to smile too.

  2. Holy cats! I cannot imagine how terrifying that must have been for your family before you discovered that she had been spared. My mom calls that "the theory of delay" and that each time you encounter a detour, traffic, whatever, it's potentially something that helps you avoid something. So glad she is OK.

  3. I remember that day extremely well also. It makes me tear up just remembering how scared I was of everything for months...