Wednesday, October 12, 2011

There's no place like home

My first taste of one my kids being away for over a week. So it starts.... Our kids growing up. Scary and exciting.

Tori has been in LA the past 10 days getting ready for her first theater performance on October 15th.

Oz the musical is a current spin on Oz. Written and directed by Todrick Hall.

She is playing the part of Dorothy and feels like she's living it, making great friendships and creating amazing experiences all while missing home.

The house has been quiet... No beat making.. singing or loud music. Noah is here and for him it's school, xbox, headphones and the soccer channel.

We're all ready for Dorothy come home.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 and Jen

I went to work at 6am and started to help get patients on their dialysis machines. It was always important to get the first shift on quickly so our 13 hour day might go quicker and therefore leave early. That was always the plan and sometimes it worked.

6:46 am and I thought why would someone fly their plane into a building? Stupid. Then another plane... what is going on??

As news broke  that American Airlines flight 11 from Logan had been hijacked... Oh Lord... Jen was on that flight.

Jen is my sister. She worked for American Airlines as a flight attendant out of Logan in Boston. The plan was for her to get on flight 11 and come home for a visit and see her family and boyfriend, now husband.

First thing... stop and call mom...... "Jen missed the flight" she said crying "she wanted to take a shower and shave her legs at the last minute and missed her flight by 10 min"

Prayer circles filled with fear and blessings in the break room...... what was going to happen to our country.. our future?

It took Jen a week to get home. She does not talk about it much. She lost close friends on both those flights.

Every September 11th for me is not only a reminder of that tragic day and how many were lost.........but also of who was saved.

I love Jen

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Dogs Submissive Reminder

Ocean Beach, San Diego has an amazing dog beach. As many sweltered 100+ degrees at home, we were able to enjoy 75. Awesome! So fun to see 100′s of breeds of dogs running around.

Allwyn decided to bury Rico, our 5 year old chihuahua in the sand. As he lay there and not moving at all, I was reminded of my own submission and trust to God.

Just last week many appliances or fixtures in the Jamaricanish household decided to test my patience. The dryer, fridge, garbage disposal and leaky bathroom and tub faucets decided to test me. Submitting and trusting God to get me through the week was the way to go! I do have an amazing husband who repaired the above which also helps!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


   Allwyn comes from parents who are  Jamaican and Puerto Rican. For years, we were prideful of our kids heritage and still are. I think it took 10 years for me to realize the kids were more than that.  I'm not Jamarican. I'm Irish.  So we are Jamaricanish.  

   Here I'll share the crazy life of our family.  Allwyn, Tori , Noah and me... the ish